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Oh, good. Sorry, it wasn’t obvious from your tone and I hear that kind of shit from so many people. :| (and I don’t know the significance of linking to ms rosek, but anyway.)

eeek, rosek didn’t get it either guhhh sorry @_@ *unfunny*

It was more like “gawd, even those terrible australians ):|” and the joke is because like, Australians are not terrible… + ms rosek is basically the cutest human being. but I thought that was pretty obvious because @_@ what. who hates australians. maybe they get made fun of but does anyone hate austalians? @_@ what is there to even be pissed at them for @_@?? it’s like saying you hate icelandic people…

But it would be kind of hilarious if suddenly, out of nowhere, this became a aussie hate blog. Like “batman batman batman batman OH AND FUCK AUSTRALIA, YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT, WE’VE ALL BEEN THINKING IT”. hahahaha, what, I have no contact with australia except msrosek and she’s my sweet sweet AU merchandise connection.

Firstly, I’m American, I’m lucky I even know where it is on a map (Carmen Sandiego). And despite my worldly views, nothing can really counteract 17 years of really really bad public education history by teachers who were also coaches (because who needs a degree in history to teach it, right?). I assume that if I had any qualms with Australia, it would have to be based on some political aspect or something but unfortunately, I have absolutely no knowledge of possible bad stuff AU’s done (except to the natives but again, American! glass houses!) because American children only learn about America. More importantly, I hope I haven’t ever given the impression of being the sort of person to be furious against another entire country (other than my own), right??

The list of things I’ll rage against that AREN’T comic book related is really….small. ***~~priorities~~*** Like homophobia, racism, sexism, etc…hahah i’m usually like “LOOK HOW UPSETTING THIS COMIC BOOK IS ):0”

…..this comic that only me and 3 other people read.

I think the joke would have worked better if i’d said “Canadians”, n’est–ce pas? Aussies are like “desert Canadians” or “wild Canadians” rather than our usual domesticated Canadians to me.

I meant it in the same way as one would have used Canadians in that joke. So just swap that out and assume I linked to a Canadian friend.


side note: i wonder if there’s a picture of a Canadian flag with the goose being all scary like this.